Welcome to the home page of BBI® Before starting the test, it is recommended to study the following important instructions carefully.

Important instructions

Please login through entering the PIN and TAN you have obtained from your instructor. When clicking the button "Start / proceed test" the data collection will begin.

This initial questionnaire is to ascertain your personal data, which will be saved anonymously. For further information you may take a look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which you will find in the menu bar above. After the data has been collected the test referring to preferences in behaviour and actions will take place.

Every time a new page is opened, you will see instructions in the upper section of the site that explain how to manage each test. When taking the test, you will be informed automatically if there are certain data missing or questions unanswered.

All in all you have 2 hours to complete all the tests. The remaining time will be shown in the upper left corner of each test site. Be aware that only fully completed tests will lead to an appropriate result and assessment. If you are not able to manage the tests within 2 hours, your test can not be assessed.

Please do not close your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) during the test. If you have closed your browser you can continue further on when clicking "Start / proceed test". Once again, please take a look into "FAQ" if there’s anything unclear to you or if there are still unresolved issues.